Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In Which I Become A True Body Nerd

I went off the deep end today.

I invested in a bottle so I can shake my protein/fruit shakes before running out to catch the bus or hit a meeting. And so, the transformation is complete. Who cares what my body looks like? Who cares how many reps I actually do? I'm now a body nerd. Jane Lynch shows it best as head cheerleader coach in Glee. Let's let her show you how it's done.

Now, if you're wondering (as I'm sure you are) what the experience was, I will tell you. I bought the Zyliss Quick Blend Shaker in Red (pictured above). I have never been a protein shake kind of gal. I'm a coffee shop chick! But I've seen the changes in my body. So I bought the thing to make my life a little easier.

Tonight I added the 200ml of fat-free milk, the spoonful of protein shake. And I shook it up. Before now I've been stirring with a spoon. Those days are over! No more chunks!

{Mercy. What have I become?}


  1. Now you can be cool and say stuff like, "shaken, not stirred". Be careful to wash your shaker out immediately after use. If you leave the protein in the cup it'll smell really bad.

  2. This product is made of polypropylene. Might want to read this and then return to stirring in a glass glass: http://tinyurl.com/kl4hjl

  3. I have the EXACT same thing. Got it for free because it didn't have a price tag and the checkout lady didn't want to bother look it up. She called it my early Christmas present. Patrick is ever so right about the quickly rotting protein. That stuff will go off quick and with vengeance. If I am out and can't even at least rinse out the bottle, i leave it open (cap unscrewed) which reduces the smell's quick onset.